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Google LED Wireless Charging Speaker With RGB Light

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Shorts Mart Plastic Wireless Charger 4 In 1 Lamp With Bluetooth Speaker Fm Radio 6 Rgb Music Sync 15W Fast Charging Alarm Clock Night Light (Multicolor)

Wireless charger
Wireless Charger with lamp

Multifunctional wireless charger

Wide Compatibility 10 W wireless charging

It has 4 in 1 functions, include Bluetooth speaker, night light, FM Radio, Fast wireless. Our product team special design Big “G” fashion looking, smooth touch and 6 Mode RGB music sync lamp. 360 ° Surround Sound Sound Generation Structure: The lamp is made of ABS+PC material, and the LED digital display screen has moderate brightness, does not sting the eyes.

You can use product at bed room gaming room desk or bedside light, it has 6 lighting mode, can combine different environment light. (include music sync mode)

The smart table lamp supports APP control, voice control, remote control and button control. Dimmable (1-100% brightness), easily adjust the light color to suit different moods. It can also be used to turn on/off the light bar and set timing functions.


  • Item Name: Ambient Lighting Night Lamp
  • 16 RGB Light
  • 15 Watt fast Wireless Charger
  • Dimmable Light
  • Alarm Clock
  • FM Radio
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Support: Aux Cable, USB, SD card

The charging atmosphere light with 10 different dynamic lighting effects, 16 million colors, helping you create any mood you want.

Rechargeable sound

2023 New Intelligent LED Table Lamp

  • The charging atmosphere light with 10 different dynamic lighting effects, 16 million colors, helping you create any mood you want.
  • It is an ideal gift for aesthetic room decoration, birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, New Year, Thanksgiving Day and so on.


Application Of Ambient Lighting Night G Design Lamp

charger with music sound

LED Night Lamp

LED Night Lamp

Sound with light

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

G type table lamp is equipped with Bluetooth smart speaker, and can be connected to Bluetooth to receive and make calls. If you have two G type table lamps, you can also connect two machines with one mobile phone to realize wireless surround sound.

Dimmable Ambient Light

G type night light has six light color modes. After turning on the Bluetooth mode, the mode can be adjusted by pressing the key, and it will also beat with the music rhythm. Adjust your mood better, and the soft light can accompany you to sleep. When fully charged, you can play music for 6 hours

Table Lamp With Wireless Charging

G type table lamp is equipped with wireless fast charging function of 15W mobile phone, which can be charged by putting smart phone on the lamp, which is really convenient and practical. Note: the mobile phone must have wireless charging function and need to be plugged in.

Cordless Night Light

G type night light is equipped with a 1200Mah battery, which can be fully charged in 2-3 hours by USB. You can pick it up and use it in the bedside, bedroom, living room, home and office. Note: The wireless charging function needs to be plugged in.

Switching the light mode according to your mood, healing your mood with lights, creating a good sleep atmosphere for you

Bluetooth speaker

Wireless Charger Atmosphere Lamp

  • 15W Wireless Charging Sleep Lamp Sunrise Wake Up Lamp Atmosphere Lamp Bedside Lamp Dazzling Light Effect Bluetooth Audio
  • You can adjust the sound, volume, light color and brightness through the APP and personalize a healthy sleep-wake routine. The snooze alarm clock is gentle and peaceful to make your body wake up more slowly.


G Shape Table Lamp & Speaker will decorate your party and date. Of course, it will illuminate your heart, and you will not lose yourself in the dark.

Multipurpose lamp with bluetooth speaker

Q & A

1How to operate this lamp?

Ans: Plug in USB and charge the lamp after charging you can use this lamp as a charger, as a sound, as a lamp

2. Is this lamp electric or battery operated?

Ans: G shape lamp is come with rechargeable battery

3Can I adjust the lighting mode or brightness?

Ans: Yes, you can adjust the modes & brightness level to suit your preference or create different ambiances.

4. Will this table lamp be bright enough to read with?

Ans: YesThe table lamp is dimmable. It’s bright enough to read the book.

5. What type of charging cable use?

Ans: Type-C